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in crayon nedir, in crayon ne demek?

in crayon

  1. Pastel

in   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Yaban hayvanlarının kendilerine yuva edindikleri kovuk.
  2. Mağara.
  3. İnsan.
  4. Bkz. kovuk, mağara.
  5. Hlk. 1. Koyun pisliği. 2. Yaban hayvanlarının yuva edindikleri kovuk.
  6. (en) Sirupy, nontoxic ptomaine, C5H14N2 , formed in putrefaction of flesh, etc.
  7. (en) In words from the Latin, in- regularly becomes il- before l, ir- before r, and im- before a labial; as, illusion, irruption, imblue, immigrate, impart.
  8. (en) In- is sometimes used with an simple intensive force.
  9. (en) An inseparable prefix, or particle, meaning not, non-, un- as, inactive, incapable, inapt.
  10. (en) In- regularly becomes il- before l, ir- before r, and im- before a labial.
  11. (en) Suffix.
  12. (en) See the Note under - ine.
  13. (en) The specific signification of in is situation or place with respect to surrounding, environment, encompassment, etc.
  14. (en) It is used with verbs signifying being, resting, or moving within limits, or within circumstances or conditions of any kind conceived of as limiting, confining, or investing, either wholly or in part.
  15. (en) In its different applications, it approaches some of the meanings of, and sometimes is interchangeable with, within, into, on, at, of, and among.
  16. (en) With reference to space or place; as, he lives in Boston; he traveled in Italy; castles in the air.
  17. (en) With reference to circumstances or conditions; as, he is in difficulties; she stood in a blaze of light.
  18. (en) With reference to a whole which includes or comprises the part spoken of; as, the first in his family; the first regiment in the army.
  19. (en) With reference to character, reach, scope, or influence considered as establishing a limitation; as, to be in one's favor.
  20. (en) With reference to movement or tendency toward a certain limit or environment; sometimes equivalent to into; as, to put seed in the ground; to fall in love; to end in death; to put our trust in God.
  21. (en) With reference to a limit of time; as, in an hour; it happened in the last century; in all my life.
  22. (en) Not out; within; inside.
  23. (en) In, the preposition, becomes an adverb by omission of its object, leaving it as the representative of an adverbial phrase, the context indicating what the omitted object is; as, he takes in the situation ; the Republicans were in ; in at one ear and out at the other ; his side was in ; he came in.
  24. (en) With privilege or possession; used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin; as, in by descent; in by purchase; in of the seisin of her husband.
  25. (en) One who is in office; the opposite of out.
  26. (en) To inclose; to take in; to harvest.
  27. (en) Hypothetical compound, C2H2N4 which may be regarded as benzene with four CH groups replaced by nitrogen atoms; also, any of various derivatives of the same.
  28. (en) Term for being an active player; one who has not folded.
  29. (en) Intelligent Network - A sophisticated network capable of recognizing the profile of its users or subscribers Carriers offering advanced services will increasingly offer IN services, particularly as the boundary between fixed and mobile networks becomes blurred.
  30. (en) Industrial Nucleonics Multics customer 1977-1991, located in Columbus, OH Produced industrial process controllers and measurement instrumentation such as thickness gauges Used Multics as a software factory for Level 6 minicomputers Later called AcuRay Corporation, then bought by ASEA Brown Boveri.
  31. (en) Intelligent Network - the capability in a public telecom network that allows new services to be developed quickly and introduced on any scale IOS Interoperability Standard The standard used to define open interfaces in cdmaOne and cdma2000 networks IP Internet Protocol - data protocol used in the Internet IS-136 The standard behind TDMA networks Ipv4 Internet Protocol version four - the version of IP most commonly deployed today Ipv6 Internet Protocol version six - which will, among other things, add significantly to the address capacity, security and real-time capability of IP IPSec One of the most widely used IP tunneling security protocols.
  32. (en) Descriptive of a good shot that lands in the opponent's court.
  33. (en) Chemical symbol for Indium.
  34. (en) Convergent Motion Toward a Common Center.
  35. (en) Go-Go , in , into , on.
  36. (en) Lair.
  37. (en) Cave.
  38. (en) Hole.
  39. (en) Burrow.
  40. (en) Couch.
  41. (en) Earth.
  42. (en) Haunt.
  43. (en) Prefix from Eng.
  44. (en) Prep.
  45. (en) İn, also from Lat.
  46. (en) İn, meaning in, into, on, among; as, inbred, inborn, inroad; incline, inject, intrude.
  47. (en) There are three isomeric varieties.
  48. (en) Currently fashionable; 'the in thing to do'; 'large shoulder pads are in' inside an enclosed space to or toward the inside of; 'come in'; 'smash in the door'.
  49. (en) Unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot.
  50. (en) Rare soft silvery metallic element; occurs in small quantities in sphalerite.
  51. (en) State in midwestern United States.
  52. (en) To or toward the inside of; 'come in'; 'smash in the door'.
  53. (en) İnside an enclosed space.
  54. (en) Holding office; 'the in party'.
  55. (en) Directed or bound inward; 'took the in bus'; 'the in basket'.
  56. (en) Currently fashionable; 'the in thing to do'; 'large shoulder pads are in'.
  57. (en) Intelligent Network.
  58. (en) İntelligent network.
  59. (en) Intelligent Network, A capability with well developed network infrastructure in a telecom network environment allowing new services such as free phones or televoting to be developed quickly and introduced on any scale, from a local trial to network-wide.
  60. (en) Stitutional control: Control of a waste site by an authority or institution designated under the laws of a country This control may be active or passive and may be a factor in the design of a nuclear facility.
  61. (en) 1-bit field that contains either a 1 for IN or a 0 for OUT in the proposed DiffServ standard A field marked with a 1 for IN indicates that this packet is worthy of a higher level of service within whatever share of router resources are associated with a particular PHB.
  62. (en) The last nine holes of an eighteen hole golf course Example: He had 40 going out and 40 coming in for a total score of 80.
  63. (en) Pharmaceutical abbreviation, intranasal.
  64. (en) At T-intersection when stops cannot be listed as farside or nearside.
  65. (en) İs used in GEMIS as the acronym for industry.
  66. (en) The last nine holes of an 18 hole course.
  67. (en) Prep with acc , into, on to, towards, against; of time, until; 'in omne tempus', for ever; 'in diem vivere', to live for the moment; of tendency or purpose, for; in adverbial phrases, indicating manner or extent: 'in universum', in general; 'in vicem', 'in vices', in turn with abl , in, on, among; of time, in, at, within; of a person, in relation to, in the case of.
  68. (en) The last nine holes of an eighteen hole golf course Example: 'He had 43 going out and 40 coming in for a total score of 83.
  69. (en) The present style, what's 'in'.
  70. (en) Incentives FOR EMPLOYEES TO LIVE CLOSE - Employer sponsors a program to encourage employees to live close to the employer work site.
  71. (en) Prep w acc or dat , in, into, on, for.
  72. Etkili tarafın üyesi
  73. Dili istenilen du- ruma erişme vasıtası
  74. Dahili, iç
  75. Kazanmış
  76. Elinde
  77. İçeri doğru yönelen
  78. İçeride, içeriye, içine
  79. Evde
  80. Vazife ba- şında
  81. Mevsimi gelmiş be in with ortağı ol- mak
  82. Arkadaşı olmak
  83. Edat içinde, içine, dahilinde, de, da
  84. Giymiş, süslenmiş, örtülü
  85. (belirli bir renk, model veya kumaştan) yapılmış
  86. Düzenlenmiş
  87. İle meşgul
  88. Amacıyle
  89. Vasıtasıyla
  90. Göre
  91. Bakımından
  92. Tesirinde
  93. Esnasında
  94. B.D
  95. Önek -sız veya gayri edatı: incapable ka biliyetsiz, yeteneği olmayan
  96. -e doğru, içe riye, içine: in-bound merkeze doğru yak- laşmakta
  97. Limana doğru
  98. İçinde: inhome evde yapılan
  99. Sırasında: in-service training çalışma sırasında yapılan eğitim, pratik.
  100. İçeride, moda, evde, yerinde, iç, gelmiş olan, tutulan, iktidarda olan
  101. Siz: -siz, sız: -sız

crayon   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Mum boya ile resim yapmak, ana hatlarıyla anlatmak
  2. Mum boya, renkli kalem, kreyon
  3. Mum boya ile yapılan resim
  4. Mum boya ile resim yapmak.

pastel   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Resim yapmakta kullanılan renkli boya kalemi
  2. Böyle kalemlerle yapılan resim.
  3. Soluk (renk).
  4. (en) Plant affording a blue dye; the woad ; also, the dye itself.
  5. (en) Pastel.
  6. (en) Crayon made of a paste composed of a color ground with gum water.
  7. (en) Pastel crayon.
  8. (en) İn crayon.
  9. (en) Light, pale tint of color.
  10. (en) Pastel drawing.
  11. (en) Drawing made by rubbing colored chalks on paper.
  12. (en) Color to which a lot of white has been added to make it very light in value.
  13. (en) Light, soft color.
  14. (en) Combination of pure pigment and binder forming permanent colored sticks; noted for colors which go from soft to brilliant When the ground is completely covered with pigment, the work is considered a pastel painting; leaving much of the ground exposed produces a pastel sketch.
  15. (en) Chalklike stick that is of a color having a soft, subdued shade used for drawing.
  16. (en) Crayon made from pigment mixed with gum and water and pressed into a stick-shaped form A work of art created from these crayons is also called a pastel Pastel can also indicate a pale color.
  17. (en) Soft chalk made of pigments, water and a binder, blended into a stiff paste and dried.
  18. (en) Pale or light color.
  19. (en) Technique of painting using sticks, called pastels, made of dry powdered pigments mixed with a small amount of gum They are used on paper or fine textured canvas.
  20. (en) [Spanish] cake; pie.
  21. (en) Pure pigments ground into a paste with a dash of gum binder, which is then rolled and dried into stick form Pastels are not chalk, and will not fade, yellow, crack or blister with time or exposure to light.
  22. (en) Pastel is basically a pigment presented in a stick form and held together by an extremely weak binding medium that is ineffective once the pastel has been applied The pigment relies on being embedded in the surface of the ground and on static and frictional forces to keep it in place In the pastel technique, light is reflected from the surface of the pigment and therefore offers a bright, but light, colour value Pastels are essentially a drawing medium In pastel painting, the colour is rubbed, blended smeared and scraped back in various ways that resemble true painting, or it can be applied from the pastel stick in lines and blocked areas Pastels are often employed in mixed media techniques in conjunction with drawing and painting materials The term also refers to a work of art in pastel, and a light and subdued shade of a colour.
  23. (en) Pigments mixed with gum and pressed into a stick for use as crayons Work of art done with such pigments are referred to as pastels It comes in a stick form and consists of dry pigment that is bound with gum.
  24. (en) Dry pigment mixed with bum and fixative used in stick form for drawing also a soft, pale shade or any work of art made with pastels.
  25. (en) Any of various pale or light colors delicate and pale in color; 'pastel pink' lacking in body or vigor; 'faded pastel charms of the naive music'.
  26. (en) Fine arts, illustration - One of the purest forms of colored pigment application Essentially created in the past 200 years, pastels are crayon like sticks of varying hardness Essentially, pastels are pigment sticks with little binder It is because of this that the color retention of pastel drawing remain over many years Often a fixative is required to insure pastel drawings maintain over the years as the low binder content means this painting/drawing medium is quite fragile.
  27. (en) Any of various pale or light colors.
  28. (en) Lacking in body or vigor; 'faded pastel charms of the naive music'.
  29. (en) Delicate and pale in color; 'pastel pink'.
  30. Pastel boya, pastel renk, pastel resim, çivitotu
  31. Pastel kalemi
  32. Pastel ile yapılmış resim
  33. Fantezi hikâye, zarif ve hayal mahsulü yazı
  34. Pastel renk.

yaban (nedir ne demek)

  1. İnsan yaşamayan ıssız yer
    Örnek: Yabanda bitmez, sabanda biter. Atasözü
  2. Issız yerde yaşayan veya yetişen canlı.
  3. Olan, yabana özgü olan
    Örnek: Yalnız yaban ormanda yaşayan yerliler bu zehrin ilacını bilirler. F. R. Atay
  4. Yaban olan, yabana özgü olan
  5. Yabancı, el, yerli halktan olmayan kimse
  6. Yabancı.
  7. Issız kır,ova.
  8. Dışarı, başka ülke, gurbet.
  9. Ekin Tarlası.
  10. (en) Desert.
  11. (en) Wilderness.
  12. (en) Wild.
  13. (en) Savage.
  14. (en) Strange.
  15. (en) Stranger.


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