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histopatoloji nedir, histopatoloji ne demek?


  1. Dokulardaki normal olmayan mikroskobik değişimleri inceleyen, patolojinin alt bir bilim dalı, patolojik-histoloji.
  2. Hasta dokuların mikroskobik incelenmesini konu alan bilim dalı
  3. (en) Histopathology.

normal   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Kurala uygun, alışılagelen, olağan, düzgülü, aşırılığı olmayan, uygun
  2. .Aşırılığı, eksikliği ve taşkınlığı olmama, ortalama durum.
  3. Bir eğrinin bir teğetine değme noktasından çizilen dikme.
  4. Birnormalya paralel olan vektör. (...)
  5. Bir yüzeyin bir P noktasından geçen, yüzeyin P noktasındaki teğet düzlemine dik olan doğru. f(x,y,z) = c şeklindeki bir yüzey içinnormalin yönü f'nin gradientidir.
  6. Dik.
  7. Bir doğru ya da düzleme dik olan bir doğru ya da düzlem.
  8. Düzlemsel bir eğrinin bir P noktasından geçen, eğrinin P noktasındaki teğetine dik olan doğru. (Üç boyutlu eğriler için bk. aslinormal, bmormal).
  9. Bk. dikme
  10. Bk. olağan
  11. Fr. Kanun, usul ve adetlere uygun olan. Uygun.
  12. (en) Ordinary.
  13. (en) Standard.
  14. (en) Normative.
  15. (en) Natural.
  16. (en) Straight line or plane drawn from any point of a curve or surface so as to be perpendicular to the curve or surface at that point.
  17. (en) According to an established norm, rule, or principle; conformed to a type, standard, or regular form; performing the proper functions; not abnormal; regular; natural; analogical.
  18. (en) According to a square or rule; perpendicular; forming a right angle.
  19. (en) Specifically: Of or pertaining to a normal.
  20. (en) Standard; original; exact; typical.
  21. (en) Denoting a solution of such strength that every cubic centimeter contains the same number of milligrams of the element in question as the number of its molecular weight.
  22. (en) Denoting certain hypothetical compounds, as acids from which the real acids are obtained by dehydration; thus, normal sulphuric acid and normal nitric acid are respectively S6, and N5.
  23. (en) Denoting that series of hydrocarbons in which no carbon atom is united with more than two other carbon atoms; as, normal pentane, hexane, etc.
  24. (en) Iso-.
  25. (en) Any perpendicular.
  26. (en) Up to par.
  27. (en) Usual.
  28. (en) Conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm; not abnormal; 'serve wine at normal room temperature'; 'normal diplomatic relations'; 'normal working hours'; 'normal word order'; 'normal curiosity'; 'the normal course of events'.
  29. (en) İn accordance with scientific laws.
  30. (en) Something regarded as a normative example; 'the convention of not naming the main character'; 'violence is the rule not the exception'; 'his formula for impressing visitors'.
  31. (en) Perpendicular If one line is normal to another, then they are at right angles to each other.
  32. (en) Perpendicular A normal vector.
  33. (en) Normal is a vector that is perpendicular to a surface.
  34. (en) The normal at the point P of a curve C is the line through P perpendicular to the tangent at.
  35. (en) To understand whether precipitation and temperature is above or below normal for seasons and longer timescales, normal is defined as the average weather over 30 years These averages are recalculated every ten years The National Weather Service has just recalculated the baseline period for normal from 1961 to 1990 to 1971 to 2000 Since the cool decade of the 1960's has been replaced with the mild 1990's, normal temperatures in many areas have increased.
  36. (en) The line which is perpendicular to a point on a surface There's a diagram, too.
  37. (en) Direction perpendicular to a surface.
  38. (en) Term describing a direction perpendicular to a planar surface, or a vector representing a perpendicular direction Normals are used to calculate the orientation of a surface with respect to a light source or view point.
  39. (en) Line drawn perpendicular to a line or surface.
  40. (en) The recognized standard value of a meteorological element as it has been averaged in a given location over a fixed number of years Normals are concerned with the distribution of data within limits of common occurrence The parameters may include temperatures , pressure, precipitation , winds , thunderstorms, amount of clouds, percent relative humidity, etc.
  41. (en) Normal to a face or plane is a vector perpendicular to that face or plane.
  42. (en) An imaginary line perpendicular to a surface; used in determining the direction taken by reflected or refracted light.
  43. (en) Ray that is perpendicular to, and points away from a solid.
  44. (en) At right angles, perpendicular The line that is normal to the plane is a right angles to any line that lies in the plane.
  45. (en) This is a slippery, dangerous term, because what's normal to one person at one time is abnormal to another person, another time The use of 'normal' to describe brake reach is a very common source of confusion and trouble.
  46. (en) Central value of annual quantities for a 30-year period ending with an even 10-year, thus 1921-50; 1931-60, and so forth This definition accords with that recommended by the Subcommittee on Hydrology of the Federal Inter-Agency Committee on Water Resources.
  47. (en) That positional relationship of a vertebral segment, the skull, or pelvis in which these structures are aligned to the vertical axis, and in which the resultant of all acting forces is zero and the sum of all torques about their axes of motion is zero.
  48. (en) The word 'normal' is used in mathematics to mean 'perpendicular.
  49. (en) Solution concentration of one gram equivalent per liter of solution.
  50. (en) The long-term average value of a meteorological element for a certain area For example, 'temperatures are normal for this time of year ' Usually averaged over 30 years.
  51. (en) Perpendicular.
  52. (en) Line at right angles to a surface, usually a mirror or glass block.
  53. (en) General term applied to behavior or abilities that fall within the average range; that which is considered acceptable, not exceptional.
  54. (en) Normal , standard , usual.
  55. (en) Normal.
  56. (en) Regular.
  57. (en) Conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm; not abnormal; 'serve wine at normal room temperature'; 'normal diplomatic relations'; 'normal working hours'; 'normal word order'; 'normal curiosity'; 'the normal course of events' being approximately average or within certain limits ing.
  58. (en) İntelligence and development; 'a perfectly normal child'; 'of normal intelligence'; 'the most normal person I've ever met' in accordance with scientific laws.
  59. (en) Being approximately average or within certain limits in e g intelligence and development; 'a perfectly normal child'; 'of normal intelligence'; 'the most normal person I've ever met'.
  60. (en) Forming a right angle.
  61. (en) Perpendicular or orthogonal At right angles to another line segment, object, or plane A surface normal The vector perpendicular to a surface at a specific point.
  62. ), (i.) normal: tabii, uygun, muntazam
  63. Düzgülü
  64. Dikey
  65. Dikey, normal
  66. Alışılmış durum, standart
  67. Normal, standart, dikey doğru

mikroskobik (nedir ne demek)

  1. Mikroskopla görülebilecek kadar küçük olan.
  2. Bk. miniölçekli
  3. Bk. ufakölçekte
  4. Mini ölçekli
  5. Mikroskop aracılığıyla görülebilen.
  6. (en) Microscopic, microscopical.
  7. (en) Microscopic.


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