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  1. Toptan.
  2. Küresel.
  3. Genel
  4. (en) İnvolving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope; 'global war'; 'global monetary policy'; 'neither national nor continental but planetary'; 'a world crisis'; 'of worldwide significance'.
  5. (en) Relating to anything in computing that extends over the whole system For example, a 'global search and replace' means that any occurrence of a specified word will be found, and replaced by another specified word.
  6. (en) Pertaining to an entire entity, such as a Windows NT domain or a collection of trusted/trusting domains Windows NT distinguishes global groups from local groups; local groups have permissions only for objects on the server in which the local group exists.
  7. (en) In programming languages, pertaining to information defined in one subdivision of a program and used in at least one other subdivision of the program; pertaining to information available to more than one program or subroutine.
  8. (en) As distinct from 'Global Coordination,' a 'Global' organization is simply one which has sales internationally, but doesn't necessarily coordinate work globally The company isn't a multinational company either, in that it doesn't have a big presence in multiple nations Rather, the keyword 'Global' denotes that the company is small but offers its products or services worldwide.
  9. (en) Variable, configuration section, procedure etc having a scope which is unlimited.
  10. (en) This defines the scope of a variable or procedure If they are made global they can be accessed from anywhere.
  11. (en) Basic search on the Library catalogue which searches all fields of the record.
  12. (en) Global variable is one that is outside every set of braces and is available in every scope.
  13. (en) Global means the whole world.
  14. (en) Pertaining to or governing all of the operations of an instrument.
  15. (en) Setting that effects everything.
  16. (en) Either refers to status given on a bot/eggdrop to mean all or another word for global is worldwide.
  17. (en) Variable or function that is accessible from any NewtonScript code Source: NPG.
  18. (en) The whole output sound may be EQ-ed The tone controls on a hifi amplifier are, therefore, global EQ.
  19. (en) Learners who like to have the big picture and plug new information into this picture They want all of the information first.
  20. (en) Worldwide, including the U.
  21. (en) Across the board , global , globally.
  22. (en) Pertaining to information available to more than one program or subroutine IBM.
  23. (en) Pertaining to the CCSDS sphere of influence [610 0-G-5] [620 0-B-1].
  24. (en) Term meaning throughout the data To update cost rates 'Globally' just means that all employees will be updated at once by a set percentage rather than having to be amended individually.
  25. (en) Paging/Browsing through page by page.
  26. (en) An object that has been created with the GLOBAL attribute and exported to all nodes in a multiprocessor system.
  27. (en) The international dimension is completely integrated in these teaching materials Different terms and theories are discussed in an originally global approach There is no polarisation between national and international, so the strategies developed and applied will not depend on geographical markets and administrative borders.
  28. (en) Having the shape of a sphere or ball; 'a spherical object'; 'nearly orbicular in shape'; 'little globular houses like mud-wasp nests'- Zane Grey.
  29. Bütün dünyayı kapsayan
  30. Küresel, cihanşümul.
  31. Global, evrensel, dünya çapında, küre biçiminde

toptan (nedir ne demek)

  1. Büyük ölçüde, çok miktarda yapılan (alışveriş), perakende karşıtı
    Örnek: Mahalle halkının şehirden toptan aldıklarını taşıyan ... pazar kayıkları gider gelirdi. A. Ş. Hisar
  2. (en) Wholesale.
  3. (en) Mass.
  4. (en) İn all.
  5. (en) Completely.
  6. (en) Direct sale.
  7. (en) Bulk.
  8. (en) Gross.
  9. (en) Total.
  10. (en) Collectively.
  11. (en) İn the lump.
  12. (en) İn bulk.
  13. (en) By wholesale.
  14. (en) En bloc.
  15. (en) En masse.
  16. (en) By the gross.
  17. (en) İn gross.
  18. (en) Volume business.

küresel (nedir ne demek)

  1. Küre ile ilgili olan.
  2. Küre biçiminde olan, kürevi.
  3. Dünya ölçüsünde geniş bir bakış açısıyla benimsenen, global.
  4. (en) Spherical.
  5. (en) Global.
  6. (en) Spheric.
  7. (en) Globular.
  8. (en) Globose.
  9. (en) Orbicular.
  10. (en) Round.
  11. (en) Conglobate.
  12. (en) Sphaero-.


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