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fiber optic nedir, fiber optic ne demek?

fiber optic   US UK

  1. Optik lif

fiber   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Sıkıştırılmış bitki tellerinden yapılmış mukavva veya tahta.
  2. Humma.
  3. (en) One of the delicate, threadlike portions of which the tissues of plants and animals are in part constituted; as, the fiber of flax or of muscle.
  4. (en) Any fine, slender thread, or threadlike substance; as, a fiber of spun glass; especially, one of the slender rootlets of a plant.
  5. (en) Sinew; strength; toughness; as, a man of real fiber.
  6. (en) Fiberboard.
  7. (en) Optical fiber is made of flexible glass and can support very high data transfer rates An individual glass fiber, roughly the thickness of a human hair, is capable of carrying a distinct signal transmitted in the form of pulses of light A single strand of fiber is capable of transmitting over a million simultaneous telephone calls, or nearly 80 gigabits of digital information per second , using commercially available telecommunications equipment.
  8. (en) What it's good for: Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, helps move waste through the intestines Diets rich in plant fiber are related to a reduction of heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes Where you get it: Fruits, vegetables and whole-grains Tidbit: If you're upping your fiber intake, do it slowly to avoid stomach upset Also, drink lots of water DRI or RDA: None.
  9. (en) Substance found in foods that come from plants Fiber helps in the digestive process and is thought to lower cholesterol and help control blood glucose The two types of fiber in food are soluble and insoluble Soluble fiber, found in beans, fruits, and oat products, dissolves in water and is thought to help lower blood fats and blood glucose Insoluble fiber, found in whole-grain products and vegetables, passes directly through the digestive system, helping to rid the body of waste products.
  10. (en) Single, separate optical transmission element characterized by a core and cladding, with an outside diameter of 125 microns.
  11. (en) Fiber-Optic cable is made of glass fibers instead of copper strands Data, expressed as pulses of lighter rather than electrons, is transmitted by lasers or other devices Optical fiber can carry billions of bits a second, many times more than coaxial or copper wire, and is less sensitive to electrical interference.
  12. (en) Network cabling that uses optical fibers to carry information as light instead of as electricity Fiber-optic cable carries information farther, faster, and more reliably than other types of cable Fiber-optic cable is much less likely than coaxial or twisted-pair cable to pick up damaging electrical surges, for example from nearby lightning strikes, because the fibers conduct light but not electricity The Ohio University WAN uses fiber for most of the connections between buildings.
  13. (en) Fiber - also known as fiber optic - is made up of threads of pure glass Lasers attached to the end of each cable transmit digital patterns of light pulses at extremely high speed.
  14. (en) Lightweight thread, introduced in Windows NT 4 0, that makes it easier for developers to optimize scheduling within multithreaded applications See thread.
  15. (en) Made of very pure glass, it is used in fiber optic communications It carries a digital signal made of modulated light It can carry much more much faster that the traditional copper lines.
  16. (en) General term for a filamentary material The single unit of substance that is broken into parts fit to form threads to be woven; a filament Any material whose length is at least 100 times its diameter, typically 0 10 to 0 13 mm.
  17. (en) An optical transmission medium consisting of thin plastic or glass strands which reflects light pulses along the inside To light a fiber activation of a fiber.
  18. (en) Mixture of indigestible carbohydrates found in plant foods, does not supply calories or nutrients but aids in digestion and elimination Tomatoes are a source of fiber; people who eat diets high in fiber have a lowered risk of heart disease Fiber may also protect against some cancers.
  19. (en) Single, separate optical transmission element characterized by core and cladding.
  20. (en) Elongated and thickened cell found in xylem tissue It strengthens and supports the surrounding cells.
  21. (en) Optical fiber: a very long, narrow, flexible piece of glass Used for high-speed communications.
  22. (en) Unit of matter characterised by having a length at least 100 times its diameter or width The fundamental component used in making textile yarns and fabrics.
  23. (en) Fiber.
  24. (en) Fibre.
  25. (en) General name for the raw material, such as cotton, flax, hemp, etc., used in textile manufactures.
  26. (en) Leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth a slender and greatly elongated solid substance.
  27. (en) An optical fiber transmits information using light waves, rather than electrons as in copper wires An optical fiber consists of a thin core, which carries the light signal, surrounded by a thicker transparent cladding, which keeps the light within the core Typically, a fiber core is made of glass, but plastics are used for short distance applications The fiber is protected by a soft buffer, which, in turn, is protected by a hard jacket Several fibers may be bundled into a single jacket Light-emitting diodes or lasers transmit light through the fiber core See Multimode Fiber, Single-Mode Fiber.
  28. (en) Fiber is an ingredient in edible plants that aids in digestion Fiber helps keep the stool soft, and keeps it traveling easily through the intestine Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains.
  29. (en) Refers to the fiber optic cable used to carry high volumes of data in the form of light pulses Fiber optic cable forms the backbone of networks such as the one Conxion uses to connect datacenters around the world.
  30. (en) Shortened term for 'fiber optic,' fiber is made of very pure glass Digital signals, in form of modulated light, travel on strands of fiber for long distances Fiber can carry far, far more information over much, much longer distances than traditional copper Low data loss, high-speed transmission, large bandwidth, small physical size, light weight and freedom from electromagnetic interference and grounding problems are some of the advantages of fiber optic cable There are five common types: single, dual, quad, stranded and ribbon.
  31. (en) Fiber can provide structural integrity, volume, moisture holding capacity, adhesiveness and shelf stability in reduced-fat products Applications include baked goods, meats, spreads and extruded products.
  32. (en) This is found in foods that come from plants Fiber helps your body digest food and control blood sugar Types of fiber are beans, fruits, and oat products, whole-grain products and vegetables.
  33. (en) Slender and greatly elongated solid substance.
  34. (en) The inherent complex of attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions; 'education has for its object the formation of character'- Herbert Spencer.
  35. (en) Leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth.
  36. Lif, fiber, iplik, tel, elyaf, yapı, kişilik, karakter

optic   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Göze veya görme duyusuna ait
  2. Göz ilmine ait
  3. ,dili göz
  4. Çoğ
  5. Optik, göz

optik lif (nedir ne demek)

  1. (en) Fiber optic , optical fiber.
  2. (en) Optical fiber.

optik (nedir ne demek)

  1. Görme ile ilgili olan.
  2. Fizik biliminin ışık olaylarını inceleyen kolu.
  3. Gözlükçü.
  4. Bk. ışık bilgisi
  5. Bk. ışıksal
  6. Görme ile ilgili.
  7. Işık ile ilgili konuları içeren bilim dalı.
  8. (en) Visual.
  9. (en) Optics.
  10. (en) Optic.
  11. (en) Optical.
  12. (fr) Optique

lif (nedir ne demek)

  1. Her türlü maddeyi oluşturan çok ince ve uzun parça
    Örnek: Ihlamur lifleriyle tavana asılmış kış kavunları gözünün önüne geliyordu. F. R. Atay
  2. Yıkanmak için kullanılan bitki telleri demeti veya türlü ipliklerden yapılmış örgü.
  3. Tel.
  4. Sentetik veya doğal hammadde kaynaklı, ince ve ipliksi yapı.
  5. Bk. tel
  6. Kağıt, kumaş veya ip yapımında kullanılan, uzun şerit halinde bitki hücresinden veya dokusundan oluşmuş ve pamuk, yün, ipek, keten gibi doğal ham maddelerden elde edilmişse "doğal elyaf", yapay olarak hazırlanmış polimer esaslı olması halinde "yapay elyaf" veya "sun'i elyaf" terimlerinin kullanıldığı bir malzeme.
  7. Ham selüloz.
  8. (en) Fibrous.
  9. (en) Fiber.
  10. (en) Fibroid.
  11. (en) Loofah.
  12. (en) Luffa.
  13. (en) Vegetable sponge.
  14. (en) The fiber by which the petioles of the date palm are bound together, from which various kinds of cordage are made.
  15. (en) File format for representing a light field It contains both the geometry information, as well as the pixels.
  16. (en) Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence.
  17. (en) Laser induced fluorescence.
  18. (en) Light Insertion Force, when installing a peripheral, requires light force to insert the device into it's slot/socket Installing expansion cards require LIF in order to seat it properly.
  19. (en) Logical Interchange Format An HP-UX term for a standard disk format that can be used for the interchange of files among various HP computer systems.
  20. (en) Life Income Fund A registered plan that shelters earnings from tax on a locked-in basis while generating income for the fund holder.
  21. (en) Liberal Party of Austria.
  22. (en) Fibre.
  23. (en) String.
  24. (en) Thread.
  25. (en) Staple.
  26. (en) Washcloth.
  27. (en) Filament.
  28. (en) Film.
  29. (en) Any fibrous scrubbing pad.
  30. (en) Ligament.
  31. (en) Strand.
  32. (en) N: life, existence 60, 89.
  33. (en) Loss of IMA frame.


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