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do   US UK

  1. Gam (II) dizisinde "si" ile "re" arasındaki ses.
  2. Bu sesi gösteren nota işareti.
  3. (en) Syllable attached to the first tone of the major diatonic scale for the purpose of solmization, or solfeggio.
  4. (en) It is the first of the seven syllables used by the Italians as manes of musical tones, and replaced, for the sake of euphony, the syllable Ut, applied to the note.
  5. (en) In England and America the same syllables are used by many as a scale pattern, while the tones in respect to absolute pitch are named from the first seven letters of the alphabet.
  6. (en) To place; to put.
  7. (en) To cause; to make; with an infinitive.
  8. (en) To bring about; to produce, as an effect or result; to effect; to achieve.
  9. (en) To perform, as an action; to execute; to transact to carry out in action; as, to do a good or a bad act; do our duty; to do what I can.
  10. (en) To bring to an end by action; to perform completely; to finish; to accomplish; a sense conveyed by the construction, which is that of the past participle done.
  11. (en) To make ready for an object, purpose, or use, as food by cooking; to cook completely or sufficiently; as, the meat is done on one side only.
  12. (en) To act or behave in any manner; to conduct one's self.
  13. (en) To fare; to be, as regards health; as, they asked him how he did; how do you do to- day? To succeed; to avail; to answer the purpose; to serve; as, if no better plan can be found, he will make this do.
  14. (en) Deed; act; fear.
  15. (en) Ado; bustle; stir; to do.
  16. (en) Cheat; a swindle.
  17. (en) To perform work upon, about, for, or at, by way of caring for, looking after, preparing, cleaning, keeping in order, or the like.
  18. (en) Wash all grease and dirt off walls and woodwork Patch cracks in walls and ceilings before painting Seal all new surfaces with a primer Scrape off all loose paint and sand the surface to a smooth finish Stir paint thoroughly before any applications Allow new plaster to dry before painting Properly ventilate area to be painted DON'T Don't expect good results on dirty surfaces Don't paint over a damp surface with oil-base paints Don't apply the second coat of paint until the first coat has dried properly Don't sand woodwork across the grain Don't change cans of paint in the middle of a wall area Don't add thinner to the product unless directions call for it.
  19. (en) Dissolved Oxygen - a measure of the oxygen dissolved in water expressed in milligrams per liter.
  20. (en) In Japan; any art that is practiced to develop both technical and spiritual maturity is considered a do, a 'way' to harmonize body and mind.
  21. (en) Dissolved oxygen.
  22. (en) The Way or Path 'The Way means to be one with the Will of the Universe and embody its function If you are even slightly apart from it, it is no longer the Way.
  23. (en) Doctor of Osteopathy DOs complete a training, certification and licensing program that is almost exactly the same as that of an allopathic medical doctor They are licensed to perform surgery and write prescriptions.
  24. (en) Abbreviation for doctorate of osteopathy.
  25. (en) Way/Path The Japanese character for 'DO' is the same as the Chinese character for Tao In aikiDO, the connotation is that of a way of attaining enlightenment or a way of improving one's character through aiki.
  26. (en) To deal with for good and all; to finish up; to undo; to ruin; to do for.
  27. (en) The syllable naming the first note of any major scale in solmization create or design, often in a certain way; 'Do my room in blue'; 'I did this piece in wood to express my love for the forest' travel or traverse ; 'This car does 150 miles per hour'; 'We did 6 miles on our hike every day' carry on or manage; 'We could do with a little more help around here' get done; 'I did my job' proceed or get along; 'How is she doing in her new job?'; 'How are you making out in graduate school?'; 'He's come a long way'.
  28. (en) The first degree of the major scale.
  29. (en) Way' or 'path ' When this term is used as a suffix to a particular style of the Japanese martial arts, it is indicitive of more than just a means of combat Do indicates a discipline and philosophy with moral and spiritual connotations, with the ultimate aim being enlightenment.
  30. (en) Way' or 'path' When this term is used as a suffix to a particular style of the Japanese martial arts, it is indicitive of more than just a means of combat Do indicates a discipline and philosophy with moral and spiritual connotations, with the ultimate aim being enlightenment.
  31. (en) Disolved Oxygen.
  32. (en) Tone of the scale MO - a moment UP - to raise.
  33. (en) Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Signifies a physician who graduated from an osteopathic medical school Osteopathic philosophy focuses on the unity of each of the body systems in relationship to maintaining balance and health Graduates receive training in all of the standard medical and surgical arts, with additional training in manual medicine and osteopathic manipulative treatments.
  34. (en) The mid-section of the body It is a valid target in competitive matches.
  35. (en) Defaulted then bankruptactive, other UI Unreinsured.
  36. (en) A) Way, path, etc This word was used frequently in Chinese and Japanese philosophy in the sense of the way of doing an act in the moral and ethical spheres well as the simple physical Jigoro Kano 'borrowed' it from these sources b) Trunk of the body.
  37. Bir gamın birinci ve son notası.
  38. Eğlenti, toplantı
  39. (did, done) etmek, yapmak, eylemek
  40. İcra etmek, kılmak, ifa etmek
  41. Başa çıkmak, başarmak
  42. Tamamlamak
  43. Hazırlamak, tertip etmek
  44. Hareket etmek, davranmak
  45. Bir halde olmak
  46. İşini becermek
  47. Kafi gelmek, yetişmek
  48. Tercüme etmek
  49. Oynamak (piyes)
  50. Belirli bir mesafe katetmek
  51. Fiilin anlamını ve emir cümlesini kuvvetlendirmede
  52. Yapmak, etmek; tamamlamak, meydana getirmek; neden olmak; düzenlemek, temizlemek; rolünü üstlenmek; ilgilenmek; uymak; ayağını kaydırmak; dolandırmak (Argo)

gam   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Tasa, kaygı, üzüntü
    Örnek: Bana derler gam yükünü sen götür / Benim yük götürür dermanım mı var? Karacaoğlan
  2. Sekiz notanın kalın sesten inceye veya inceden kalına gitmek üzere sıralanmış dizisi
    Örnek: Sonra, titrek titrek, ilk gamlarını sıraladığı piyanoyu hatırlıyor, do, re, mi, fa, sol... A. İlhan
  3. Ağ ipliklerinin burkulması durumu.
  4. (en) Cross.
  5. (en) To have a gam with; to pay a visit to, esp.
  6. (en) Herd, or school, of whales.
  7. (en) Visit between whalers at sea; a holding of social intercourse between those on different vessels at sea, or between persons ashore.
  8. (en) To gather in a gam; said of whales.
  9. (en) To engage in a gam, or in social intercourse anywhere.
  10. (en) Anxiety.
  11. (en) Worry.
  12. (en) Tads data file Typically it will represent an interactive fiction story It is binary but will work on any machine with some flavor of TADS interpreter, and such interpreters are available for several different platforms, usually for free It is currently not as portable as a Z-machine file.
  13. (en) Gerakan Aceh Merdeka - Free Aceh Movement.
  14. (en) Heard or school of whales; a social meeting, visit, or the like, as between vessels at sea; [Nautical] to visit or converse with one another for social purposes.
  15. (en) Geostationary Airglow Monitor.
  16. (en) Sorrow.
  17. (en) Dumps.
  18. (en) Gamut.
  19. (en) Scale.
  20. (en) Among whalers at sea.
  21. (en) Grief.
  22. (en) Twist.
  23. (en) Acceptable daily intake.
  24. (en) Dolour.
  25. (en) Mope.
  26. Balina süruisü; argo bacak
  27. Balina topluluğŸu, balina sürüsü, göç eden balinalar grubu (Denizcilik); balina avcıları veya diğŸer denizciler arasında denizde veya karada yapılan sosyal ziyaret veya dostça sohbet (Gemicilik Argosu); insan bacağŸı (Argo)

ses (nedir ne demek)

  1. Kulağın duyabildiği titreşim, seda, ün
    Örnek: Şafağa doğru otomobil sesi duyuldu. F. R. Atay
  2. Ciğerlerden gelen havanın ses yolunda yaptığı titreşim
    Örnek: Boğukluğu benim kulağıma da ürkütücü gelen bir sesle sordum. R. H. Karay
  3. Duygu ve düşünce
    Örnek: Gençliğin sesini duyuran başka bir dergide ... Y. Z. Ortaç
  4. Herhangi bir davranış, tutum karşısında uyanan ruhsal tepki.
  5. Aralarında uyum bulunan titreşimler.
  6. (Derleme.. fonem,ses unsuru,seslik, ün) Kulağın duyabildiği titreşim.
  7. İşitme duyusunu, uyaran dalga; bu tür dalgaların beynin işitme özeğini etkilemesi.
  8. Titreşimli bir kaynaktan çıkan, belirli bir ortamda uzunlamasına dalgalar biçiminde yayılan basıncın etkisiyle kulağın algıladığı duyu.
  9. (en) Note.
  10. (en) Blur.
  11. (en) Murmur.
  12. (en) Audiovisual aids.
  13. (en) Means the Senior Executive Service.
  14. (en) Abbr Service Evaluation System.
  15. (en) Severely Errored Second.
  16. (en) Senior Executive Service.
  17. (en) Spongiform encephalopathy.
  18. (en) Severely Errored Seconds: A unit used to specify the error performance of T carrier systems This indicates a second containing ten or more errors, usually expressed as SES per hour, day, or week This method gives a better indication of the distribution of bit errors than a simple Bit Error Rate Refer also to EFS See also Source End Station.
  19. (en) Student Employment Services.
  20. (en) Sports Education Service of the Australian Sports Commission.
  21. (en) Scsi Enclosure Services are an ANSI X3 T10 standard for temperature and power monitoring of disk enclosures for enhanced data protection.
  22. (en) Shelf Edge Study Part of LOIS project.
  23. (en) Secondary Emissions Standard.
  24. (en) Severely errored seconds Seconds during which the bit error ratio is greater than a specified limit and transmission performance is significantly degraded A performance monitoring parameter is measured on a per-channel basis.
  25. (en) Sound, phonem.
  26. (en) Sound.
  27. (en) Speech.
  28. (en) Sonic.
  29. (en) Phonic.
  30. (en) Audio.
  31. (en) Vocal.
  32. (en) Acoustic.
  33. (en) Voice.
  34. (en) Noise.
  35. (en) Tone.
  36. (en) Call.
  37. (en) Shout.
  38. (en) Clatter.
  39. (en) Sonance.
  40. (en) Phono-.
  41. (en) Sono-.
  42. (en) Second that has an equivalent error ratio greater than 1-in-1,000 In SF, a second with one or more LOSs or frame sync losses, six or more framing bit errors, or 1,544 or more BPVs In ESF, a second with one or more LOSs or frame sync losses, 320 or more CRC-6 errors, or 1,544 or more BPVs On unframed circuits, a circuit with one or more LOSs, or 1,544 or more BPVs.
  43. (al) Ton, Klang, Laut, Schall
  44. (al) Schall
  45. (fr) Son
  46. (fr) Phoneme, son


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