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basketball nedir, basketball ne demek?

basketball   US UK

  1. Basketbol, basket topu, basket

basketbol (nedir ne demek)

  1. Beşer kişilik iki takım arasında topu 3 m yükseklikteki karşılıklı duran ağ geçirilmiş iki sepetten birine sokup sayı kazanmak esasına dayanan bir oyun, basket, sepet topu.
  2. (en) Basketballbasketball.
  3. (en) Basketball.

basket   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Basketbolda kazanılan sayı.
  2. Basketbol.
  3. (en) Basketball.
  4. (en) Basket.
  5. (en) Score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop a container that is usually woven and has handles horizontal hoop with a net through which players try to throw the basketball the quantity contained in a basket.
  6. (en) To put into a basket.
  7. (en) Vessel made of osiers or other twigs, cane, rushes, splints, or other flexible material, interwoven.
  8. (en) The contents of a basket; as much as a basket contains; as, a basket of peaches.
  9. (en) The bell or vase of the Corinthian capital.
  10. (en) The two back seats facing one another on the outside of a stagecoach.
  11. (en) Container that is usually woven and has handles.
  12. (en) The quantity contained in a basket.
  13. (en) Horizontal hoop with a net through which players try to throw the basketball.
  14. (en) Group of currencies normally used to manage the exchange rate of a currency Sometimes referred to as a unit of account.
  15. (en) The hoop with the net hanging from it.
  16. (en) Basket applies to derivative instruments in the marketplace A basket is a group of stocks that is formed with the intention of either being bought or sold all at once.
  17. (en) Applies to derivative products Group of stocks that is formed with the intention of either being bought or sold all at once, usually to perform index arbitrage or a hedging program.
  18. (en) The cup at the bottom of a ski pole, which encircles a sharp tip that bites into the snow to prevent slipping.
  19. (en) An outer row of millefiori canes, pulled together underneath the motif to form a staved enclosure for the decorative element; a latticino ground pulled down in the center ; a latticino ground with a 'handle' of twisted filigree extending above the motif,.
  20. (en) Designated sum below which claims will not be made for breaches of representation and warranties.
  21. (en) The metal frame of a speaker.
  22. (en) The standard unit of measure for rice One basket is 16 pyi The standard weight for a basket of rice is 46 pounds.
  23. (en) Plastic RfootS on the end of a pole shaft that provides a pushing platform for the poling motion Smaller and lighter on performance equipment.
  24. (en) Large group of patterns which in some way resemble basket work.
  25. (en) An arrangement of steel bars, and panels that form a basket-like cage around the grip These are most commonly found on Scottish basket-hilted swords, and European rapiers.
  26. (en) Men's arms joined around outside of ladies waists, ladies rest arms on men's shoulders, all lean out slightly and step sideways to rotate to the left Many dances only basket in one direction If needed basket in reverse direction always leave enough time to return to place.
  27. (en) Show shopping basket image.
  28. (en) The frame to which a driver's cone is mounted.
  29. (en) Fancy setting with numerous side piercings to provide a lacy or basket-looking appearance.
  30. (en) Swing for 2 couples, with the men's hands supporting their partners' backs and with the ladies' hands resting on their partner's shoulders In a properly balanced set the men's hands will take almost no weight at all The feet are used as in a normal swing and the ladies' body weight should be directed backwards IT IS ESSENTIAL that the ladies' bodyweight should not be directed forwards allowing their feet to leave the ground - it creates a potentially dangerous situation The key to success is in achieving equal balance among each of the four people involved.
  31. (en) Score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop.
  32. Sepet, küfe, zembil
  33. Sepet dolusu
  34. Spor sayı, basket
  35. Pota, sepet, küfe, zembil, basket; çember (basketbol), sepet örgüsünden yapılmış şey; sayı


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