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at arabası nedir, at arabası ne demek?

at arabası

  1. (en) Cart, coach, hack.
  2. (en) Tumbrel.

at   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Satrançta, her yönde siyahtan beyaza ve beyazdan siyaha bir hane atlayarak L biçiminde hareket eden taş.
  2. Astatin elementinin simgesi.
  3. Atgillerden, binme, yük çekme, taşıma vb. hizmetlerde kullanılan, tek tırnaklı hayvan.
  4. Tek parmaklılar (Perissodactyla) takımının,atgiller (Equidae) familyasından, küçük başlı ve kısa kulaklı, uzun kıllı yele ve kuyruğu olan, geniş bir tırnakla çevrilmiş olan üçüncü parmağının ucu ile yere basan, bütün dünyaya yayılmış, erkeğine aygır, dişisine kısrak denilen bir tür.
  5. Zoolojik sınıflandırmada Equidae ailesinin equus cinsinden olan at türüne verilen genel ad, hippos.
  6. (en) Primarily, this word expresses the relations of presence, nearness in place or time, or direction toward; as, at the ninth hour; at the house; to aim at a mark.
  7. (en) It is less definite than in or on; at the house may be in or near the house.
  8. (en) From this original import are derived all the various uses of at.
  9. (en) Relation of proximity to, or of presence in or on, something; as, at the door; at your shop; at home; at school; at hand; at sea and on land.
  10. (en) The relation of some state or condition; as, at war; at peace; at ease; at your service; at fault; at liberty; at risk; at disadvantage.
  11. (en) The relation of some employment or action; occupied with; as, at engraving; at husbandry; at play; at work; at meat ; except at puns.
  12. (en) The relations of time, age, or order; as, at ten o'clock; at twenty-one; at once; at first.
  13. (en) The relations of source, occasion, reason, consequence, or effect; as, at the sight; at this news; merry at anything; at this declaration; at his command; to demand, require, receive, deserve, endure at your hands.
  14. (en) Short for AT Attachment, a disk drive implementation that integrates the controller on the disk drive itself There are several versions of ATA, all developed by the Small Form Factor Committee ATA: Known also as IDE, supports one or two hard drives, a 16-bit interface and PIO modes 0, 1 and 2 ATA-2: Supports faster PIO modes and multiword DMA modes Also supports logical block addressing and block transfers ATA-2 is marketed as Fast ATA and Enhanced IDE ATA-3: Minor revision to ATA-2 Ultra-ATA: Also called Ultra-DMA, ATA-33, and DMA-33, supports multiword DMA mode 3 running at 33 MBps ATA/66: A new version of ATA proposed by Quantum Corporation, and supported by Intel, that will double ATA's throughput to 66 MBps The first ATA/66 computers are expected to be available in the first half of 1999.
  15. (en) Advanced Technology IBM's first 286-based PC, introduced in 1984 It was the most advanced machine in the PC line and featured a new keyboard, 1 2MB floppy and 16-bit data bus AT-class machines run considerably faster than XTs.
  16. (en) Any IBM or compatible computer that contains an 80286 processor and 16-bit bus.
  17. (en) Accommodation Services, we use certain terms to describe our accommodation types, facilities and procedures To avoid misunderstandings, in particular if you are from overseas or other Universities where accommodation provision may differ, we recommend you note the following details and definitions.
  18. (en) Advanced Technology The IBM successor to the PC/XT with a 80286 CPU and 16-bit bus slots.
  19. (en) Assistive Technology.
  20. (en) Advanced trainer-- single or twin engine The AT 6 is an advanced trainer--shown in the photo.
  21. (en) Analog Access Trunk Expressed as AT-2, AT-4, or AT-8 to correspond to 2-, 4-, and 8-port gateways.
  22. (en) Period of active duty for training of 12 or 14 days each year, required of members as part of a Ready Reserve assignment.
  23. (en) The model name of the second-generation, 80286-based IBM computer Many aspects of the AT, such as the BIOS, CMOS, and expansion bus, have become de facto standards in the PC industry The physical organization of the components on the motherboard is called the AT form factor.
  24. (en) Strain at a gnat Greek, di-aulizo, to strain off Here 'at' is an error, probably in the first instance typographical, for 'out ' 'Out' is given in the Bible of 1603, and has been restored by the Revisers.
  25. (en) Air Traffic Division.
  26. (en) The form factor used by most PC motherboards prior to 1998 The original motherboard for the PC-AT measured 12'x13' Baby AT motherboards are a little smaller, usually 8 5'x13'.
  27. (en) Access table; may be used in a business model or system model to define access rights to databases.
  28. (en) Auxiliary Telescope.
  29. (en) Knight.
  30. (en) Equine.
  31. (en) Horse.
  32. (en) Hack.
  33. (en) Steed.
  34. (en) Gee-Gee.
  35. (en) Horsy.
  36. (en) Relation of direction toward an object or end; as, look at it; to point at one; to aim at a mark; to throw, strike, shoot, wink, mock, laugh at any one.
  37. (en) 100 at equal 1 kip.
  38. (en) Highly unstable radioactive element ; a decay product of uranium and thorium.
  39. (en) Modem control language for asynchronous dial-up modems designed by Hayes Micro- computer Products.
  40. (en) Queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution.
  41. (en) Air Traffic.
  42. (en) İn the position of IT - neuter pronoun RE - a tone of the scale.
  43. (en) Antitank.
  44. (fr) Cheval
  45. Edat tarafında, -de, -da
  46. -e, -a
  47. Üzere, halinde
  48. Başına, her birine, beherine
  49. Nezdinde
  50. Yanında, evinde
  51. İle meşgul
  52. Hususunda at all hiç, hiç bir suretle at and from sig
  53. Asker [brit.], savaşçı [brit.], eyt
  54. (la) Equus caballus

araba   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Tekerlekli, motorlu veya motorsuz her türlü kara taşıtı
    Örnek: Ve arabayı dörtnala ileri sürdü. H. Taner
  2. Bu taşıtın aldığı miktarda olan.
  3. Sirkin barınma ve çeşitli çalışma yerleri olarak kullanılanaraba.arabalar bir yerden başka bir yere gitmede de kolaylık sapar.
  4. (en) Wagon or cart, usually heavy and without springs, and often covered.
  5. (en) Wagon.
  6. (en) Automobile.
  7. (en) Motorcar.
  8. (en) Cart.
  9. (en) Carriage.
  10. (en) Auto.
  11. (en) Autocar.
  12. (en) Gharry.
  13. (en) Motor.
  14. (en) Wheel.
  15. (en) Vehicle.
  16. (en) Machine.
  17. (fr) Char
  18. Araba, OrtadoğŸu’da yaygın olan tekerlekli at arabası; Türkiye’de ve Küçük Asya’da kullanılan öküz veya atlar tarafından çekilen yük arabası

cart   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Sert bir şey yırtılırken çıkan ses.
  2. (en) Showy.
  3. (en) Gaudy.
  4. (en) To carry burdens in a cart; to follow the business of a carter.
  5. (en) Common name for various kinds of vehicles, as a Scythian dwelling on wheels, or a chariot.
  6. (en) Two-Wheeled vehicle for the ordinary purposes of husbandry, or for transporting bulky and heavy articles.
  7. (en) Light business wagon used by bakers, grocerymen, butchers, etc.
  8. (en) An open two-wheeled pleasure carriage.
  9. (en) To carry or convey in a cart.
  10. (en) To expose in a cart by way of punishment.
  11. (en) Heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal.
  12. (en) Wheeled vehicle that can be pushed by a person; may have one or two or four wheels; 'he used a handcart to carry the rocks away'; 'their pushcart was piled high with groceries'.
  13. (en) Championship Auto Racing Teams, founded in 1978, sanctions open-wheel Indy car races In 1996, most of its teams began boycotting the Indianapolis 500 after Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Tony George changed the specifications for Indy cars and started his own Indy Racing League CART sanctions Indy Lights and recently ventured into sports car racing with its Super Touring Championship.
  14. (en) Classification and Regression Trees A type of decision tree algorithm that automates the pruning process through cross validation and other techniques.
  15. (en) Computer-Assisted Realtime is real-time captioning shown on a screen projector for live events such as meetings.
  16. (en) The Swiss valet Prince Albert brought with him from Coburg, who had been in his service since the prince was a child.
  17. (en) Powered buggy used to transport golfer and equipment around the course.
  18. (en) Short for cartridge, a cart is the container holding magnetic tape, that typically has one or more SPOTS for an advertiser recorded on it It is similar in size and operation to an 8-track tape The cart is inserted into a playback machine for broadcast.
  19. (en) Committee-Appointed Review Team.
  20. (en) Community Accountability and Reintegration Treatment.
  21. (en) Classification And Regression Trees A decision tree technique used for classification of a dataset Provides a set of rules applicable to a new dataset to predict which records will have a given outcome Segments a dataset by creating 2-way splits Requires less data preparation than CHAID.
  22. (en) As for buggy.
  23. (en) Tearing noise.
  24. (en) Heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal transport something in a cart.
  25. (en) Draw slowly or heavily; 'haul stones'; 'haul nets'.
  26. (en) Transport something in a cart.
  27. (en) Vt to remove forcefully [she was carted off to jail].
  28. (en) Kereta.
  29. Atlı yük arabası
  30. El arabası
  31. At arabası ile taşımak
  32. Taşımak
  33. Araba ile taşımak

coach   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Eğitmek, yetiştirmek, hazırlamak, özel ders vermek, antrenman yaptırmak, özel hocalık yapmak; araba ile gezmek
  2. Spor antrenör
  3. Özel öğretmen
  4. Yetiştirmek, antrenörlük etmek, özel ders vermek.
  5. Fayton
  6. Çift kapılı otomobil
  7. Yolcu otobüsü
  8. Yolcu vagonu.


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