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as of last update

  1. Son durumdaki gibi

as   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Kakım.
  2. İskambil kâğıtlarında birli.
  3. Bir işte başta gelen (kimse veya şey).
  4. Arsenik elementinin simgesi.
  5. (∆S) Entropi değişimi.
  6. (en) Denoting equality or likeness in kind, degree, or manner; like; similar to; in the same manner with or in which; in accordance with; in proportion to; to the extent or degree in which or to which; equally; no less than; as, ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil; you will reap as you sow; do as you are bidden.
  7. (en) In the idea, character, or condition of, limiting the view to certain attributes or relations; as, virtue considered as virtue; this actor will appear as Hamlet.
  8. (en) While; during or at the same time that; when; as, he trembled as he spoke.
  9. (en) Because; since; it being the case that.
  10. (en) Expressing concession.
  11. (en) That, introducing or expressing a result or consequence, after the correlatives so and such.
  12. (en) As if; as though.
  13. (en) For instance; by way of example; thus; used to introduce illustrative phrases, sentences, or citations.
  14. (en) Than.
  15. (en) Expressing a wish.
  16. (en) An ace.
  17. (en) Roman weight, answering to the libra or pound, equal to nearly eleven ounces Troy weight.
  18. (en) It was divided into twelve ounces.
  19. (en) Roman copper coin, originally of a pound weight ; but reduced, after the first Punic war, to two ounces; in the second Punic war, to one ounce; and afterwards to half an ounce.
  20. (en) Autonomous System.
  21. (en) See: Autonomous System.
  22. (en) Autonomous System, a unique number identifying an Internet-connected network that has routing policies distinct from their upstream connection Used in the BGP routing protocol.
  23. (en) Autonomous System On the Internet, an autonomous system is the unit of router policy, either a single network or a group of network that is controlled by a common network administrator on behalf of a single administrative entity An autonomous system is also sometimes referred to as a routing domain An autonomous system is assigned a globally unique number, sometimes called an Autonomous System Number.
  24. (en) Apollo-Saturn The NASA mission designator for Apollo project missions launched using one of the Saturn family of rocket boosters NASA's convention in the 1960s and 1970s for designating a mission used one letter to represent the responsible project and one letter to describe the launch vehicle used Apollo 11 is appropriately designated AS11, or also AS-506 indicating the sixth mission launched with the Saturn V rocket.
  25. (en) Autonomous Systems Part of the internet layer that routers use to relate to network connectivity and packet addressing; the router checks the network address and only routes on the host address if the source and destination are on the same network.
  26. (en) An application server is a server program in a computer in a distributed network that provides the business logic for an application program.
  27. (en) Autonomous System--Collection of gateways under a single administrative authority using a common Interior Gateway Protocol for routing packets.
  28. (en) Auricle Sinistrus.
  29. (en) Do not use a s to mean 'because' or 'since': the resulting sen-tence may be confusing, since as can also mean when We left the pool because [not as] it was raining See also like, as Do not use a s to mean 'because' or 'since': the resulting sen-tence may be confusing, since as can also mean when We left the pool because [not as] it was raining See also like, as.
  30. (en) Abbreviation for Australian Standard.
  31. (en) A/S Ancillary Services.
  32. (en) ∆S.
  33. (en) Ermine.
  34. (en) Stoat.
  35. (en) Very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms; arsenic and arsenic compounds are used as herbicides and insecticides and various alloys; found in arsenopyrite and orpiment and realgar.
  36. (en) United States territory on the eastern part of the island of Samoa.
  37. (en) To the same degree ; 'they were equally beautiful'; 'birds were singing and the child sang as sweetly'; 'sang as sweetly as a nightingale'; 'he is every bit as mean as she is'.
  38. (en) Application Server.
  39. (en) Sessment: A charge imposed by a co-operative or condominium apartment building on apartment owners to cover the cost of an improvement on the building Assessments are levied proportionately to the number of shares or the percentage of the common charges owned/paid by an apartment owner.
  40. (en) As is a word meaning than mair as yin.
  41. (en) Abbr Answer Supervision.
  42. Baglaç çünkü, mademki, nitekim
  43. Gibi, veçhile, suretle
  44. İken as..
  45. Kadar, olarak, gibi, iken

a   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Ülke, kurum ve yatırımAraçlarının yüksek güvenilirlikAralığını gösteren ve derecelendirme kuruluşu tarafından verilen not.A'nın sayılarıArttıkça güvenilirlik derecesi yükselir; işaret değişiklikleri her bir konum için olumlu veya olumsuz gelişmelere işaret eder (AA,AAA,A+,AA- vb).
  2. Yunanca yokluk ifade eden ön ek.
  3. Amper.
  4. Anot.
  5. Angström.
  6. Argon simgesi. (II)
  7. Kazanılmış bağışıklık yetmezlik sendromu.
  8. Bk. adres çözünümü iletişim kuralı
  9. (en) AIDS.
  10. (en) Alanine.
  11. (en) Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies.
  12. (en) Anadolu University Medicinal Plant, Drugs and Scientific Research Center.
  13. (en) ARP cache.
  14. Bir, herhangi bir (ünsüzle başlayan kelimelerden önce kullanılır
  15. Bak
  16. İngiliz alfabesinin ilk harfi
  17. Birinci kalite veya derece
  18. La notası, la perdesi
  19. B.D
  20. La [müz.], pek iyi

adres çözünümü iletişim kuralı (nedir ne demek)

  1. (AÇK)

of   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Sıkıntı, bezginlik, usanç, acı, yorgunluk vb. duyguları belirten bir söz
    Örnek: Of, bıktım artık! Of, kolum acıdı! Bu da ne karışık bir rüya imiş, diye söyleniyordu. A. Ş. Hisar
  2. (en) Ugh!.
  3. (en) In a general sense, from, or out from; proceeding from; belonging to; relating to; concerning; used in a variety of applications; as: Denoting that from which anything proceeds; indicating origin, source, descent, and the like; as, he is of a race of kings; he is of noble blood.
  4. (en) Denoting possession or ownership, or the relation of subject to attribute; as, the apartment of the consul: the power of the king; a man of courage; the gate of heaven.
  5. (en) Denoting the material of which anything is composed, or that which it contains; as, a throne of gold; a sword of steel; a wreath of mist; a cup of water.
  6. (en) Denoting part of an aggregate or whole; belonging to a number or quantity mentioned; out of; from amongst; as, of this little he had some to spare; some of the mines were unproductive; most of the company.
  7. (en) Denoting that by which a person or thing is actuated or impelled; also, the source of a purpose or action; as, they went of their own will; no body can move of itself; he did it of necessity.
  8. (en) Denoting reference to a thing; about; concerning; relating to; as, to boast of one's achievements.
  9. (en) Denoting nearness or distance, either in space or time; from; as, within a league of the town; within an hour of the appointed time.
  10. (en) Denoting identity or equivalence; used with a name or appellation, and equivalent to the relation of apposition; as, the continent of America; the city of Rome; the Island of Cuba.
  11. (en) Denoting the agent, or person by whom, or thing by which, anything is, or is done; by.
  12. (en) Denoting relation to place or time; belonging to, or connected with; as, men of Athens; the people of the Middle Ages; in the days of Herod.
  13. (en) Denoting passage from one state to another; from.
  14. (en) During; in the course of.
  15. (en) Ouch ! ow ! oof.
  16. (en) Degrees, Farenheit; a temperature scale.
  17. (en) Oil filters.
  18. (en) Prep w dat , from, out of, of, away from, contrary to, by.
  19. (en) Optional Form Source: US EPA.
  20. (en) Reserved word used in array type or one-of-a-kind array declarations 4 6,.
  21. (en) Original finish May be plastic, resin, or china, and are shown without altering their appearance as they came from the factory.
  22. (en) Prep of.
  23. (en) An abbreviation representing an open-face watch, which is a watch with a cover on the reverse and a crystal only over the face on the obverse.
  24. (en) Xo, tsoh; ok, ohkh; Usage Note: See General Grammar for the usage of each of these words.
  25. Edat nin, li, of course tabii, beklenildiği gibi
  26. Nin, ın, den, li, yüzünden

update   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Günümüze uygun şekle sokmak, güncelleştirmek
  2. Düzeltme ve eklemeler yapmak.
  3. Güncelleştirmek, modernleştirmek, modernize etmek

son   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Şimdiki zamana en yakın zamandan beri olan veya bu zamanda yapılmış, olmuş olan, ilk karşıtı
    Örnek: Gündüzün son ışıklarıyla beraber sanki odadan eşya da çekiliyordu. P. Safa
  2. En arkada bulunan.
  3. Artık ondan ötesi veya başkası olmayan
    Örnek: Son atlıkarıncayı Kadırga meydanında birkaç yıl evvel görmüştüm. H. A. Yücel
  4. Uç, sınır.
  5. Olanca
    Örnek: Son kuvvetiyle: Ya Ali! diye bağırdı. M. Ş. Esendal
  6. Bir şeyin en arkadan gelen bölümü, bitimi, nihayet, akıbet.
  7. Olum.
  8. Etene.
  9. Etene.
  10. Bk. eş
  11. (en) Bottom.
  12. (en) Breakup.
  13. (en) Closure.
  14. (en) Crucial.
  15. (en) Death.
  16. (en) Doom.
  17. (en) Expiration.
  18. (en) Jesus Christ, the Savior; called the Son of God, and the Son of man.
  19. (en) The divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity a male human offspring; 'their son became a famous judge'; 'his boy is taller than he is'.
  20. (en) Male child; the male issue, or offspring, of a parent, father or mother.
  21. (en) Male descendant, however distant; hence, in the plural, descendants in general.
  22. (en) Any young male person spoken of as a child; an adopted male child; a pupil, ward, or any other young male dependent.
  23. (en) Native or inhabitant of some specified place; as, sons of Albion; sons of New England.
  24. (en) The produce of anything.
  25. (en) Limit.
  26. (en) Terminus.
  27. (en) Conclustion.
  28. (en) The most recent.
  29. (en) Placenta.
  30. (en) Male human offspring; 'their son became a famous judge'; 'his boy is taller than he is'.
  31. (en) The divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity.
  32. (en) The son is perhaps the oldest and certainly the classic Afro-Cuban form, an almost perfect balance of African and Hispanic elements Originating in Oriente province, it surfaced in Havana around World War I and became a popular urban music played by string-and-percussion quartets and septetos Almost all the numbers Americans called rumbas were, in fact, sones 'El Manicero' was a form of son derived from the street cries of Havana and called a pregon The rhythm of the son is strongly syncopated, with a basic chicka-CHUNG pulse.
  33. (en) One important form the the merging of African and Spanish influences resulted in, it is the root of most familiar styles of Afro-Cuban dance music A blend of the music of the spanish farmers and African slaves, it is believed to have originated in Oriente toward the end of the 19th century It was played by small bands, using guitar or tres, maracas, guiro, claves, bongo, a marimbula and a botija The more urban style played in Havana at the beginning of the century became a national style in 1920.
  34. (en) Cuban dance similar to the Bolero except that it is wilder in rhythmic accent and more violent in step pattern It is the Son which first served as a basis for the Mambo which in turn became the triple Mambo, now known as Cha Cha This slow rhythmic dance was originally in 2/4 time It became Americanized and is usually played in 4/4 time.
  35. (en) The Son is the Source of Reason, LOGOS, in the universe There is only one Son, one Reason, one LOGOS, one Christ.
  36. (en) Equals.
  37. (en) The SON is the number issued by the local exchange carrier to confirm the order for the ISDN service It provides a matching number for cross referencing the order to the phone company.
  38. (en) Missionary for whom one acted as trainer.
  39. (en) Summary of Need.
  40. (en) An early style of Cuban dance music, resulting from the blending of African and Spanish influences; the root of most of the familiar styles of Afro-Cuban dance music It was played by small bands, using guitar or tres, maracas, guiro, claves, bongo, and other instruments.
  41. (en) Last.
  42. (en) Ultimate.
  43. (en) Final.
  44. (en) Late.
  45. (en) Latest.
  46. (en) Latter.
  47. (en) Bedrock.
  48. (en) Close.
  49. (en) Conclusive.
  50. (en) Definitive.
  51. (en) Farewell.
  52. (en) Finishing.
  53. (en) Full.
  54. (en) Recent.
  55. (en) Supreme.
  56. (en) Terminal.
  57. (en) Ending.
  58. (en) Finish.
  59. (en) Extremity.
  60. (en) Result.
  61. (en) İssue.
  62. (en) Outcome.
  63. (en) Conclusion.
  64. (en) Afterbirth.
  65. (en) Curtain.
  66. (en) Extreme.
  67. (en) Fate.
  68. (en) Sequel.
  69. (en) Termination.
  70. (en) Wind-up.
  71. (en) Resultant.
  72. (en) Upshot.
  73. (en) Tailing.
  74. (en) Closing.
  75. (en) Dead-end.
  76. (en) Foxtail.
  77. (en) Stop.
  78. (en) Male child, as in: He brought his son and daughter to work today to teach them about our industry.
  79. (en) Abbr Service Order Number.
  80. Evladım, oğlum
  81. Evladım!, oğlum!
  82. Oğul, erkek evlât, çocuk, evlât

gib   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Çivi, pin, saplama
  2. Erkek kedi.
  3. Çivi, cıvata, pim


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