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çinçilya nedir, çinçilya ne demek?


  1. Çinçilyagillerden, postu için avlanan, yumuşak ve gümüş rengi tüyleri olan kemirici hayvan (Chinchilla laniger).
  2. (en) Chinchilla.

post   US UK (nedir ne demek)

  1. Tüylü hayvan derisi.
  2. Tarikatlarda şeyhlik makamı.
  3. Makam.
  4. Bazı deyimlerde "can" anlamında kullanılan bir söz.
  5. Herhangi bir hayvanın işlenmiş ya da işlenmemiş olan derisi.
  6. Yapağı içeren koyun derisi.
  7. (en) Guard hair.
  8. (en) To rise and sink in the saddle, in accordance with the motion of the horse, esp.
  9. (en) Prefix signifying behind, back, after; as, postcommissure, postdot, postscript.
  10. (en) Hired to do what is wrong; suborned.
  11. (en) Piece of timber, metal, or other solid substance, fixed, or to be fixed, firmly in an upright position, especially when intended as a stay or support to something else; a pillar; as, a hitching post; a fence post; the posts of a house.
  12. (en) The doorpost of a victualer's shop or inn, on which were chalked the scores of customers; hence, a score; a debt.
  13. (en) The place at which anything is stopped, placed, or fixed; a station.
  14. (en) Station, or one of a series of stations, established for the refreshment and accommodation of travelers on some recognized route; as, a stage or railway post.
  15. (en) Military station; the place at which a soldier or a body of troops is stationed; also, the troops at such a station.
  16. (en) The piece of ground to which a sentinel's walk is limited.
  17. (en) Messenger who goes from station; an express; especially, one who is employed by the government to carry letters and parcels regularly from one place to another; a letter carrier; a postman.
  18. (en) An established conveyance for letters from one place or station to another; especially, the governmental system in any country for carrying and distributing letters and parcels; the post office; the mail; hence, the carriage by which the mail is transported.
  19. (en) Haste or speed, like that of a messenger or mail carrier.
  20. (en) One who has charge of a station, especially of a postal station.
  21. (en) Station, office, or position of service, trust, or emolument; as, the post of duty; the post of danger.
  22. (en) Size of printing and writing paper.
  23. (en) See the Table under Paper.
  24. (en) To attach to a post, a wall, or other usual place of affixing public notices; to placard; as, to post a notice; to post playbills.
  25. (en) To hold up to public blame or reproach; to advertise opprobriously; to denounce by public proclamation; as, to post one for cowardice.
  26. (en) To enter on a list, as for service, promotion, or the like.
  27. (en) To assign to a station; to set; to place; as, to post a sentinel.
  28. (en) To carry, as an account, from the journal to the ledger; as, to post an account; to transfer, as accounts, to the ledger.
  29. (en) To place in the care of the post; to mail; as, to post a letter.
  30. (en) To inform; to give the news to; to make acquainted with the details of a subject; often with up.
  31. (en) To travel with post horses; figuratively, to travel in haste.
  32. (en) Indians of the Koluschan stock.
  33. (en) The delivery and collection of letters and packages; 'it came by the first post'; 'if you hurry you'll catch the post' an upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position; 'he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them' a pole or stake set up to mark something ; 'a pair of posts marked the goal'; 'the corner of the lot was indicated by a stake' the position where someone stands or is assigned to stand; 'a soldier manned the entrance post'; 'a sentry station' United States manufacturer of breakfast cereals and Postum United States female author who wrote a book and a syndicated newspaper column on etiquette United States aviator who in 1933 made the first solo flight around the world publicize with, or as if with, a poster; 'I'll post the news on the bulletin board' display, as of records in sports games mark or expose as infamous; 'She was branded a loose woman' put up; 'post a sign'; 'post a warning at the dump' affix in a public place or for public notice; 'post a warning' ride Western style and bob up and down in the saddle in in rhythm with a horse's trotting gait transfer from one account book to another assign to a post; put into a post; 'The newspaper posted him in Timbuktu' enter on a public list.
  34. (en) With post horses; hence, in haste; as, to travel post.
  35. (en) Pole or pillar, carved and painted with a series of totemic symbols, set up before the house of certain Indian tribes of the northwest coast of North America, esp.
  36. (en) Fell.
  37. (en) Mail.
  38. (en) Military installation at which a body of troops is stationed; 'this military post provides an important source of income for the town nearby'; 'there is an officer's club on the post'.
  39. (en) Job in an organization; 'he occupied a post in the treasury'.
  40. (en) An upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position; 'he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them'.
  41. (en) The position where someone stands or is assigned to stand; 'a soldier manned the entrance post'; 'a sentry station'.
  42. (en) To post a bet is to place your chips in the pot In poker, posting usually means a forced bet, such as a blind.
  43. (en) When you turn on your PaceBook, it will first run through the POST, a series of software-controlled diagnostic tests The POST checks system memory, motherboards circuitry,keyboard, mouse, monitor , touch screen and other I/O devices.
  44. (en) United States aviator who in 1933 made the first solo flight around the world.
  45. (en) United States female author who wrote a book and a syndicated newspaper column on etiquette.
  46. (en) The act of sending a message to a particular network newsgroup.
  47. (en) Newsgroup article Also, the act of sending an article to a newsgroup so that others can read and reply to it.
  48. (en) Power On Self Test When a computer starts or boots, the BIOS carries out a procedure that verifies that all the system's components are operating properly The single beep you hear during booting indicates that POST has been successful If POST is not successful, you will hear a series of long and short beeps Make a record of those beeps Computer repair personnel can use the information to help diagnose the problem.
  49. (en) Posting is Internet talk for sending a message to a newsgroup, where it can be read by anyone looking over the newsgroup.
  50. (en) An article in a newsgroup Posting is the act of sending a post to the newsgroup so that other subscribers can read the article.
  51. (en) To post is to submit or send a message to a discussion list A post is a message.
  52. (en) To send a message to a mailing list or newsgroup.
  53. (en) Post is a single message sent to a newsgroup or message board.
  54. (en) To send a message to a discussion group or list.
  55. (en) To send a message to an Internet newsgroup or to place an HTML page on the web or on an intranet.
  56. (en) To post is to send an article or an article response to a newsgroup To post means the message will be seen publicly by thousands of people.
  57. (en) Firmer density of midsole material added to the inner side of the shoe A post is designed to reduce overpronation.
  58. (en) When you send a message to a newsgroup, you are posting a message to a newsgroup.
  59. (en) The act of placing a message in an on-line conference The noun 'posting' is sometimes used to refer to a conference message.
  60. (en) Posting is what you do when you add a message to a mailing list or Usenet discussion Your article might be called a 'post.
  61. (en) Text writing that a visitor types in and 'posts' to a message board or forum for others to read and reply to.
  62. (en) Message sent to a newsgroup.
  63. (en) User-Generated message or reply found within a forum or discussion area.
  64. (en) To put in a blind bet, generally required when you first sit down in a cardroom game You may also be required to post a blind if you change seats at the table in a way that moves you away from the blinds.
  65. (en) The place on a stock exchange's floor where transactions in the listed stocks occur To transfer financial data from a journal of original entry into a ledger book.
  66. (en) To post is to send a message to a newsgroup or forum for other members to read and respond to.
  67. (en) Mail , mailing.
  68. (en) Hide.
  69. (en) Pelt.
  70. (en) Skin.
  71. (en) Coat.
  72. (en) İn trotting.
  73. (fr) Peau
  74. Sonra.
  75. Postalamak, posta ile göndermek, bilgi vermek, aydınlatmak, yapıştırmak (ilan), asmak (afiş), ilan yapıştırmak, ilan etmek, afişe etmek, yerleştirmek [ask.], dikmek (nöbetçi), atamak, tayin etmek, görevlendirmek, aktarmak (kayıt), geçirmek (kayıt)
  76. Sonraki, sonra, sonrası
  77. Kazık, destek
  78. Yapıştırmak (ilân)
  79. Afişlerle ilan etmek
  80. Kusurlarını açığa vurmak
  81. Adını listeye koymak
  82. (geminin) geciktiğini veya battığını ilan etmek.
  83. Memuriyet, mahal, bir memurun tayin edildiği yer, hizmet
  84. Ordugah, kışla, askeri menzil
  85. Kol, karakol, devriye
  86. Polis noktası
  87. Yabancıların kurdukları alış veriş yeri
  88. Posta
  89. İng posta servisi, posta kutusu, postane
  90. Atlı postacı, posta tatarı
  91. Atlı postacının at değiştirdiği yer, menzil
  92. , İng

yumuşak (nedir ne demek)

  1. Dokunulduğunda veya üzerine basıldığında çukurlaşan, eski biçimini kaybeden, katı karşıtı.
  2. Kolaylıkla bükülen, buruşmayan, sert karşıtı.
  3. Dokunulduğunda hoş bir duygu uyandıran
    Örnek: ... yumuşak lepiska saçlarına amiyane bir perişanlık gelmişti. Y. K. Karaosmanoğlu
  4. Kolaylıkla işlenebilen
    Örnek: Uzun gagasını yumuşak topraklara sokar, otların kökündeki yaşlığı emerek yaşarmış. M. Ş. Esendal
  5. Kolay çiğnenen, kolay kesilen.
  6. Ilıman (iklim), sert karşıtı.
  7. Kaba, hırçın, sert olmayan, kolay yola gelen, uysal.
  8. Okşayıcı, tatlı, hoş
    Örnek: Gözleri yan aralık, kirpiklerinin arasından bana her zamanki yumuşak, tatlı, sonsuz şefkatiyle bakıyor. Y. Z. Ortaç
  9. Görüntünün karanlık bölümlerinden aydınlık bölümlerine geçişin keskin olmaması, sertlik ile yavanlık arası.
  10. Yumuşaklık özelliği olan.
  11. (en) Creamy.
  12. (en) Feathery.
  13. (en) Genial.
  14. (en) Mellifluous.
  15. (en) Pliable.
  16. (en) Berry.
  17. (en) Clement.
  18. (en) Easy.
  19. (en) Easy going.
  20. (en) Honeyed.
  21. (en) Squashy.
  22. (en) Sweet.
  23. (en) Velvety.
  24. (en) Benignant.
  25. (en) Bland.
  26. (en) Ductile.
  27. (en) Easygoing.
  28. (en) Effeminate.
  29. (en) Flabby.
  30. (en) Flaccid.
  31. (en) Floppy.
  32. (en) Gentle.
  33. (en) Heartthrob.
  34. (en) Kid-Glove.
  35. (en) Kindly.
  36. (en) Lenient.
  37. (en) Light.
  38. (en) Limp.
  39. (en) Malleable.
  40. (en) Mellow.
  41. (en) Mild.
  42. (en) Pulpy.
  43. (en) Smooth.
  44. (en) Soft.
  45. (en) Soft-Boiled.
  46. (en) Spongy.
  47. (en) Supple.
  48. (en) Tender.
  49. (en) Velvet.
  50. (en) Yielding.
  51. (en) Subdued.
  52. (en) Urbane.
  53. (en) Woolly.
  54. (al) Weich
  55. (fr) Peu contrasté
  56. (fr) Mou, doux


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